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How will I know what size to order?

Size comparison chart Shoe sizes vary tremendously these days. Many shoes marked with one size are now made slightly bigger, just like clothes, so that someone who always used to wear a size 3 now finds size 3's are too big.

Different manufacturers use different standards of sizing and width fitting. Coupled with this, and the fact that different styles and heel heights call for a different size, in order to be comfortable on the same foot, choosing the right size can be a nightmare! Finally, if you're used to UK sizes, what do the continental sizes mean?

This is our own interpretation of the rough equivalence of the smaller sizes in UK and Continental scales. It's only meant to be a rough guide, but it may help you choose a place to start looking in our 'continental sized' shoe shop.

For example - if you normally take a UK size 2, then a 34 would be a good size to try, although if you are on the larger side of 'UK 2' you may need to go up to the 34.

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